Research Pharmacy Updates & Reminders

April 27, 2022

Shipping Investigational Products to Participants

Shipping investigational products (IP) to participants increases the risk of loss of IP, removes physical IP double check by a study coordinator, and causes delays in onsite dispenses. For these reasons, shipping requests should be utilized only as a necessity, not as a convenience, and sponsor approval is required in advance. NCI-sponsored studies in particular have a stringent set of requirements and documentation when shipping. When submitting a shipping request, please fill out the intake form (updated April 2022) and submit it to by 13:00 for overnight delivery.

Plan Ahead!

The Research Pharmacy team is here to make sure research with investigational drugs goes according to protocol and according to Michigan Medicine procedures. Certain types of studies require an extra measure of planning prior to starting enrollment. These include studies with gene therapies or controlled substances, 24/7 enrollments and/or inpatient dosing, and dosing at satellite campuses, to name a few. Please reach out early to partner with our team, so that we can work together to be ready for you and your team to open to enrollment as quickly as possible.

Research Pharmacy Operations Manual

Did you know that all Research Pharmacy policies, as well as some FAQ and other commonly requested information, is all contained in our Operations Manual? It is available on our internal webpage, along with a lot of other handy information. Check it out here.