Reminder: Use the Appropriate Diagnosis for Research Orders

January 18, 2019
On Monday, January 7, an interruptive reminder began to display to study coordinators placing orders in MiChart if they associate the Z00.6 diagnosis with their Research orders. Instead of diagnosis Z00.6, please use the medical diagnosis, or diagnosis Z00.00 (General Medical Exam). Diagnosis Z00.6 is specific to government payers and is not appropriate for all charge types or payers. Diagnosis Z00.6 causes research billing and coding errors when not utilized properly. Scenarios in which studies may utilize Z00.6 are identified during the IRB process and communicated to the study team prior to study activation.

Image showing the correct diagnosis designation in MiChartImage showing what to do if you associate the diagnosis while signing the order

The interruptive reminder will not prevent you from placing your orders and is there as a helpful prompt. Monitoring of the interruptive reminder will be done in MiChart. The MiChart Research or Research Billing will reach out to study teams as necessary. For assistance, click here to view the BPA-Use Appropriate Diagnosis for Research Orders Tip Sheet.