Reminder for MiChart Research Training and Access

April 25, 2023

Cornerstone Learning Facilitators must enroll Research Coordinators in MiChart Research Training in order for them to receive the full curriculum. A Research Coordinator will not receive the full curriculum when self-enrolling for a session. They will NOT be granted access and may experience delays in supporting a clinical trial until the curriculum is completed. Curriculum, which includes prerequisites to complete prior to their session, MUST be assigned by the manager or facilitator. Per Compliance, volunteers and individuals that are NOT Michigan Medicine employees cannot be granted MiChart access. Please review the Cornerstone Learning Help Page (requires login) for a refresher on enrolling team members in training. 

MiChart is the electronic health record system used by Michigan Medicine. Access to MiChart should be considered a last resort and only be requested if other forms of clinical data access have been rigorously considered and found inadequate to achieve the goals of the research project. The use of MiChart patient data for research or quality improvement purposes is a privilege, not a right. With this privilege comes the responsibility to protect the privacy of individuals whose sensitive data are being studied, and to not use, disclose, or transfer data other than as permitted by IRBMED, Compliance, and federal and state law.