Recap: "Experiencing the Clinical Trials Transformation"

March 6, 2018
Group photo of Connie Chang, Peter Higgins, Kay Sauder, and Cyndi Bower"Overall, we found that it really HAS made things a lot more transparent!" was one of the first observations made by Peter Higgins, M.D., Ph.D. at a recent Clinical Trials Support Office event. "I have a much better understanding of the pieces of the process."
On February 28, 100+ attended (in person and virtually via BlueJeans) the CTSO-hosted "Experiencing the Clinical Trials Transformation" event moderated by Fast Forward Medical Innovation's Managing Director, Connie Chang, M.B.A. The event shined a spotlight on first-hand accounts of the new Michigan Medicine clinical trials enterprise. In addition to Dr. Higgins, special guests included his Project Manager, Kay Sauder, B.S., and CTSO Operations Director, Cyndi Bower, M.S..

After an update from Anna Lok, M.D., Assistant Dean for Clinical Research, Connie asked the panelists questions about their experiences with the new clinical trials process. Digging deeper into Dr. Higgins' observation about transparency, he offered that now he can see all pieces of a study from getting a protocol to actually seeing his first patient.
OnCore, the new clinical trials management system, was also a hot topic. Kay noted that while it took some time to learn the new system, she is incredibly pleased with being able to track where a study is in its cycle, and having access to monitoring features that include tracking confidentiality agreements, feasibility approval status, budget negotiation status and more.
Other points of discussion ranged from working with industry sponsors to training opportunities and tracking study coordinator effort.
"It has gone amazingly well," noted Cyndi. "In terms of where we were in 2016, and where we are now. We have weathered storms, started new trials, and we're now starting to work with existing trials. It all depends on the people you surround yourself with, and we are surrounded by wonderful teams."
The event showcased how the clinical trials transformation is building a better, faster, and more transparent service while clinical trials are still actively taking place, and the number of trials managed by the CTSO is increasing with the passage of each month.
To view a recording of the event, CLICK HERE (make sure Flash is enabled in your browser). If you have any questions regarding the event, please reach out to Danielle at

Pictured, from left: Connie Chang, Managing Director, Fast Forward Medical Innovation, Dr. Peter Higgins, Ambulatory & Chronic Disease CTSU Medical Director, Kay Sauder, Project Manager, Cyndi Bower, CTSO Director.