NIH Reassures Research Community, Adjusting Deadlines and Supporting Flexibility

March 30, 2020

The Grant Services & Analysis team has shared a new, robust NIH webpage that covers all aspects of the implications of COVID-19 public health crisis. The webpage collects all of the NIH notices related to COVID-19 and the impact to performance of research, flexibilities extended, finances, and potential sources of additional funds.
Of immediate relevance, all deadlines that were published as previously due March 9 - May 1 are now all due no later than May 1.  You are welcome to submit at any time prior to May 1, and U-M offices will facilitate.  NIH also confirmed that the peer review process is ongoing, though remote.
The NIH webpage also features videos that reiterate some of the key NIH decisions-to-date related to the treatment of purchases, salaries, and how effort is spent.  While the highlights are excerpted from the FAQs, NIH stresses throughout their messaging that we are to institutionally handle issues and notify them when able.  Continue to follow the UMOR FAQs (or submit questions) if there is interpretation help needed between NIH Guidance and U-M provided information.  NIH has indicated they will be receptive to sorting through the impacts once the public health emergency passes
The Grant Services & Analysis office is prepared to answer and facilitate questions that you may have about any sponsored agreement or treatment of projects.  Email for assistance.