NIH Issues Automatic 12-Month Extension to Active Non-NIH Certificates of Confidentiality

April 22, 2020

Research studies that are funded by NIH are automatically deemed issued a Certificate under the NIH Policy on Certificates of Confidentiality (CoC). The CoC automatically extends as long as the NIH funding continues, including any no-cost extensions. Under normal circumstances institutions with CoCs for non-NIH funded studies are required to apply for a new CoC upon the expiration of the current one in order to extend the CoC protection past the stated expiration date.

To decrease the burden for the research community, during the public health emergency for COVID-19, NIH is automatically extending the expiration dates for NIH issued CoCs that were current (i.e., not expired) as of April 15, 2020. NIH therefore deems all CoCs current (i.e., not expired) on April 15, 2020 for non-NIH funded studies to have a 12-month extension of their expiration date.

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