Next MiChart System Upgrade Coming October 20, 2019

August 23, 2019

The next MiChart upgrade is planned for Sunday, October 20, 2019. This will be the second planned upgrade for 2019 with a goal to reduce downtime duration and impact to the organization.

The October upgrade will include updates, system maintenance, and new features to the MiChart application. The most notable enhancement that will touch every MiChart user is the Storyboard, a redesigned workspace for users that replaces the Patient Header and provides quicker access to key details and common actions without switching screens.  Storyboard will be a unifying feature across MiChart modules and users, telling the patient’s story in a consistent way, while also specializing the tools and information presented to the user for their role.

View the two-minute Storyboard “It’s Possible” video to help orient you to the upcoming MiChart Storyboard change.  To view, users will need their Michigan Medicine (Level-2) login to access the site & video.

New Look for Research ADT Event Notification (Study Coordinators and Principal Investigators)

Check your Research ADT Event Notification folder in In Basket to see when patients associated with your research studies have ADT events, such as being admitted to the hospital or arriving in the ED.

Pre-Upgrade: This folder was called Research PT – ED/IP. After you address all the messages in this folder, it will disappear as all-new ADT event notifications will populate the new Research ADT Event Notification folder.

Better Reporting When Patients Are Associated with Multiple Studies

Use new Reporting Workbench template Find Patients Associated with Research Studies when you need to report on patients who are associated with research studies.

Reports built from this template more clearly distinguish one study's information from another's for patients who are associated with multiple studies.