New Transplant Data Available for Research Through Data Office

April 25, 2019
Data Office computerThe Data Office aims to accelerate research by enabling secure access to patient data through investigator-friendly self-serve tools and custom data extracts. In the latest quarterly E-Newsletter, the team delves into more information about new available data for research, safeguards for accessing HIPAA-regulated data and more!

Available Data for Research

The Data Office has recently gained access to the database of the Organ Transplant Information System (OTIS), a repository of U-M solid organ transplant data. The data includes patient and donor information (including related donor labs), the transplant procedure, outpatient follow ups, and outcomes.

Questions about OTIS data? Email Arina Bierdz at

Data Privacy & Security

U-M provides services that can meet the security, privacy, and compliance needs of our customers. However, individual units are responsible for their environment once the service has been provisioned, including their applications, data content, virtual machines, access credentials, auditing of accesses to systems, and compliance with regulatory requirements applicable to their particular field or industry.

Appropriate safeguards should be used when accessing HIPAA-regulated data:
Permit/restrict access to protected health information regulated by HIPAA. Examples:

  • Security awareness training program for all staff
  • Procedures to regularly review records of information system activity (e.g. audit logs)

Limit access systems in which PHI is stored, as well as any physical media that contains or is used to access PHI. Examples:

  • Retaining facility maintenance records
  • Establishing policies for disposal of electronic PHI and the media on which it is stored

Limit access to PHI to appropriate individuals. Examples:

  • Automatic password lockout
  • Assigning uniqname or number to track user identity
  • Capturing and reviewing log information related to authentication

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