New 'Single IRB' (sIRB) Core launched February 8

February 8, 2021

The new U-M Single IRB Review Core (“sIRB Core”) replaces previous sIRB request forms (IRBMED’s intake survey and IRB-HSBS sIRB templates) used to submit requests for either IRBMED or IRB-HSBS to act as the single IRB-of-Record (sIRB) on multi-site or collaborative human research studies. The sIRB Core does not replace the eResearch applications to submit a sponsored funding proposal or to submit the human research study for IRB review.

The new sIRB Core is part of the existing Michigan Research Cores (MiCORES) platform, a third-party software system from The sIRB Core provides a single location where researchers can request that U-M be the sIRB of record for proposed multi-site or collaborative human research. IRBMED will also use the Core’s billing function to send invoices for sIRB fees for applicable awarded projects under IRBMED jurisdiction. IRB-HSBS will not utilize the billing function at this time.

U-M Single IRB Review Core (“sIRB Core”) has three request forms:

Request Form 1: U-M IRB as the sIRB for multi-site studies
(per NIH sIRB definition/regulation)
This form supports sIRB activity for NIH-funded clinical trials and other studies where the same protocol is conducted at U-M and multiple external domestic research sites. These studies are typically under IRBMED jurisdiction.

Request Form 2: U-M IRB as the sIRB on collaborative studies
(per Common Rule sIRB definition/regulation)
This form supports the establishment of agreements with external collaborators from other institutions and will likely be utilized most by units/studies under IRB-HSBS jurisdiction. The sIRB Coordinators will direct you when it’s appropriate to use this form.

Request Form 3: Consultation with an IRB staff member 
This email form within the Core may be used to ask questions of an sIRB coordinator (e.g., sIRB options, assistance with form questions, general requests for sIRB budget information). Note: For consultation purposes, sending an email to IRB staff from outside the sIRB Core is also always acceptable.


Contact Information for U-M sIRB Coordinators:

Single IRB Review Core – Features and Guidelines for MiCORES
U-M MiCORES Learning Site
(log-in with your uniqname and level1 (Kerberos) password if prompted). 
Single IRB-of-Record Process (HRPP)
IRBMED sIRB and Multi-Site Research (MSR) Guidance
Collaborative Research: IRB-HSBS sIRB Process