New Role to Aid Study Teams! CTSO Strategic Partners and Site Development Lead

April 25, 2019
Photo of Kate HuffmanThe CTSO is happy to announce that Kate Huffman has stepped into a new role as CTSO Strategic Partners and Site Development Lead. In collaboration with the Director of Clinical Trial Operations, this innovative position will promote the CTSU infrastructures and associated activities that will result in developing strong and collaborative relationships with our strategic partners within and outside the University. In addition, Kate will be working closely with Business Development to manage our interdisciplinary collaborations between faculty, external partners, and the CTSU’s.

The goal of this position is to provide the highly coordinated, collaborative, and multidisciplinary research infrastructure necessary to execute strategic partnerships with our sponsors. This position will also provide strong sustained links between departments, investigators, and the medical school research infrastructure, as well as with other institutions and agencies, to enhance the discovery and implementation of diagnostic and therapeutic modalities.  

Kate will interact with study teams in a variety of ways. If you are conducting a specific project through one of our strategic partners, she will provide oversight and support in managing the relationship with our partner. She will also reach out regarding feasibility of selected trials through this partnership, thus building solid relations earlier in the process. Along with these responsibilities, navigating and monitoring the progress of the trial will be pivotal to her role. 

When speaking with Kate regarding her new role she expressed, “I’m excited about all of it! Having the opportunity to work with both internal and external partners to bring additional research and innovation to UM that will ultimately positively impact the care of patients is very exciting.”

If you are interested in partnering with industry or becoming more involved, please reach out to Kate at