New Policy Permits Maximal Use and Value of Data, Biospecimens

October 4, 2018

This summer, Michigan Medicine leadership concluded that the inconsistent, individualistic manner in which patient-level data and biospecimens were being shared with industry warranted a fresh, organized start.
In the new Policy for the Transfer of Human Data & Biospecimens to Industry and Non-Academic and Non-Governmental Entities, data and biospecimens should be collected under transparent informed consent that permits and promotes the maximal use and value of the data and biospecimens consistent with the permission of the donors. When considering the sharing of data and biospecimens, U-M policy reinforces that:

  •    Sharing expedites translation of research.
  •    Our missions are facilitated by partnerships with outside entities.
  •    Partnerships with industry provide many forms of value.
  •    Our ethical responsibility is to inform research participants with whom their data/biospecimens will be shared; informed consents and agreements must be explicit about sharing with commercial entities and who may derive financial benefit.
  •    Transfer the minimum necessary.

The new policy is effective immediately. Get more info and for questions about whether your project qualifies for this review, email the team at