New M-CTSU Recharge Rates Effective February 1, 2023

January 27, 2023

New recharge rates will go into effect for all studies using the M-CTSU after February 1, 2023. These rates will be included in any budgets that have not yet been finalized. 

No changes have been made to M-CTSU study coordinator rates or the cost of M-CTSU Financial Support & Portfolio Coordination Monthly Maintenance. Information regarding changes in MCRU rates is forthcoming.

For information on O-CTSU fees, contact Kate Hoffmann, O-CTSU Finance Director.

M-CTSU Recharge Rates

M-CTSU rates reflect the administrative costs of providing researchers with financial support and portfolio coordination and have been reviewed and approved by the University’s Financial Analysis Office. 

M-CTSU Financial Support & Portfolio Coordination Startup$6,500 charged when the PAN is issued (consistent with current practices)

M-CTSU Financial Support & Portfolio Coordination Closeout$1,000 charged following submission of the final invoice (consistent with current practices)

For questions regarding M-CTSU fees, contact Tracey Naylor, Associate Director of Finance, at