New Home for CTSO Work Guides and Tip Sheets

August 22, 2019

As of Thursday, August 22, the Clinical Trials Support Office (CTSO) Work Guides and Tip Sheets will now be hosted at a new location that is easier to use and more intuitive. Additional benefits of making this change include:

  • The OnCore team is now able to quickly create and revise information in real-time
  • Increases and improves search capabilities
  • Work Guides are organized in categories according to a trial lifecycle and Tip Sheets are organized by role
  • Improved, shortened layout

Note: Oncology Library work guides are not yet in this location as they are still migrating.

Common questions:

How do I access the new repository of CTSO Work Guides and Tip Sheets?

  • Access the Clinical Trials Support Office website at  
  • Select the Work Guides & Tip Sheets button in the right-side navigation
  • Log in by selecting the “Yes, I have a Level-1 UMICH password.”
  • Enter your level-1 credentials

How do I search the CTSO Work Guides & Tip Sheets? Can I search for keywords? 

You can search the entire CTSO Work Guides & Tip Sheet repository by using the “Search This Space” field on the left navigational pane. You may use keywords for searching. For example, entering tip sheets will direct you to the Tip Sheets – Clinical Trials Support Office page.

Note: If you use the search field located at the top right of the page, your results may be too broad.

If you need assistance, contact us one of two ways: CLICK HERE to Submit a Request for Help (include “OnCore” in the Summary), or call 734-936-8000 (Option #2).