New Data & Variables Available in DataDirect

August 17, 2021
Data Office computerA busy year serving over a thousand researchers resulted in the Data Office hearing considerable feedback on the types of data the research community finds valuable. As a result of that dialogue, the team recently announced a number of new data and variables have been added to the DataDirect tool, including:
  • Pregnancy Data – details about the pregnancy episode, including birth weight, APGAR scores, gestational age, blood loss
  • Death Data - Michigan Death Index Data:  date and cause of death, updated every 6 months
  • Social Determinants of Health – block-level national measures of the National Neighborhood Data Archive (NaNDA) including socioeconomic disadvantage and affluence, walkability, crime, land use, recreational centers, libraries, fast food, climate, healthcare, housing, public transit, and more.
  • COVID Data – Covid lab results, RNA sequenced data from nasal swabs, COVID vaccinations, COVID-related diagnoses (eg, pneumonia from coronavirus, contact with known positive patient)
  • Patient Survey Data – Pain scores, lifestyle questionnaire including questions about diet, depression, family history of illness.
  • Starting Populations – predefined cohorts based on national definitions, including heart failure, diabetes, surgical patients, COVID-19 positive patients

The Data Office team offers their appreciation to colleagues in Precision Health for their partnership in making new data types available. For questions about data or custom data pulls, contact Arina Bierdz in the Data Office at