New CTSO Recharge Rates Begin February 1

January 23, 2020

On February 1, 2020, new recharge rates for the Clinical Trials Support Office will go into effect for all studies using a CTSU, with the exception of Oncology. The new rates will also be included in any current budgets that have not yet been finalized. These recharge rates reflect the administrative costs of providing researchers study coordinator and financial support, as well as portfolio coordination.

The new rates are below and have been reviewed and approved by the University’s Financial Analysis Office.

Study Coordination: $44.00 per hour, reduced from $58.00 per hour
Financial Support & Portfolio Coordination: $58.00 per hour, unchanged

For current Oncology CTSU fees, contact Kate Hoffmann, O-CTSU Finance Director.

Required financial and administrative support will be broken down into three types of fees: startup, closeout, and monthly maintenance.  CTSU startup and closeout fees will be charged the full negotiated amount when the study starts and when the study closes, respectively. Monthly maintenance will be charged each month according to the effort logged to the project up to the amount negotiated with the sponsor.

The Clinical Trials Support Office hopes this decision to adjust fees based on the actual cost to provide their service will be welcomed by investigators. This change is a reflection of their commitment to support faculty and the clinical research enterprise, and of their continued effort to improve efficiency by adjusting the cost of service based on effort reporting data and business models. Should you have any questions or concerns, please contact Tracey Naylor, Assistant Director of Finance, at