Michigan Clinical Research Unit Construction Update

March 22, 2023

Many changes are underway in the Michigan Clinical Research Unit (MCRU), one of which is the ongoing construction to accommodate the required I-2 corridor for the new patient tower. The renovation of MCRU is being implemented as a three-phase project, with Phase 1 having begun mid-January. The entire project has a tentative completion date in mid-December 2023 but is subject to change.

Details regarding the three phases are as follows, or click here for more information:

  • Phase 1 (began January 16, 2023) – Involves relocation of metabolic kitchen, research lab, conference room, storage, dining room, administrative space, and staff restroom. Tentative completion: May 2023
  • Phase 2 (tentative start May 2023) – Construction of procedure room, infusion suite, patient restrooms, workstations, treatment/exam rooms, consult/exam room, and storage. Rooms available will temporarily be decreased from 10 to 6. Tentative completion: September 2023
  • Phase 3 (tentative start September 2023) – Construction comprises the lobby, reception, treatment/exam rooms, exercise/DEXA room, and patient restroom. Rooms available will temporarily be decreased from 10 to 5, with a 4-bay infusion suite. Tentative completion: December 2023

Construction Impact

Many aspects of this renovation are beyond our control. To lessen the impact on our researchers and to fairly accommodate study teams, morning space-only services are limited to 1-hour. Please contact Barb Sullins if there are study-related requirements that require visits for more than 1-hour.

MCRU would also like to remind teams:

  • Afternoon space-only visits are available. Teams needing more than 1-hour may find more availability in the afternoon. MCRU is open until 5:00 PM, Monday to Friday.
  • Schedule services at Dominos Farms. MCRU at Dominos Farms may be more convenient for patients during the construction and provide easier parking access. The location may also be more appealing to study teams needing space only and MCRU2U services as needed (e.g., lab draws, EKGs).
  • Advanced booking is discouraged. Because of the uncertain nature of the construction timeline, booking in advance of two months runs the risk of scheduling changes.
  • We request teams proactively alert MCRU of cancelations. Due to lack of space, please notify MCRU as soon as possible if a patient cancels their research visit.
  • Investigators can use MCRU space after hours. MCRU staff are not available for visits in the evening/weekends. There are training/access options for study teams needing to utilize the lab after hours. Contact Barb Sullins for questions and provide your protocol.
  • Bed needs. We strongly suggest teams consider whether a bed is necessary for a patient’s research visit. During the construction, as well as when MCRU renovations are completed, rooms with beds will decrease permanently (6 to 3).

We appreciate your patience during this time. We are open for business and want to make sure your service runs as seamlessly as possible with minimal interruptions. For questions, contact mcru-support@med.umich.edu.