MBECT Sunset Update: Pricing Tool to Shut Down July 1

June 15, 2019

As of June 1, we have begun the process of sunsetting the Michigan Budget Enrollment Calendar Tool (MBECT) with a deadline of a complete retirement by November 1. All new research studies with items and services that require charge routing to a study account or 3rd party payer should be submitted to the Clinical Trials Support Office through the CTSU Intake Form. If you currently have studies in MBECT, please continue to maintain your information. A CTSU representative will reach out to provide you with your study migration date.

We recently hosted two informative kick-off sessions focusing on the details of this ongoing migration. If you were unable to attend or would like to download the presentation, click here.

The next step of the MBECT Sunset entails shutting down the MBECT Pricing Tool. Starting July 1, if you require assistance in pricing outpatient-care items to build your initial budget or proposal, please contact the Calendar Review & Analysis Office (CRAO) by emailing the specifics of your request to CRAO-BCal@med.umich.edu and follow the format below:

  • Email subject should be "Grant Pricing Request: PI-include Grant or protocol ID (If available)"
  • CC your CTSU contact (if known) on the email request to keep them in the loop
  • Email should include current contact information for yourself and/or a team member knowledgeable about the project and available to respond to questions that come up during the pricing process
  • Be sure to include any applicable protocol information or other documentation. CRAO will provide a list of Chargemaster retail and research prices for requested/protocol-driven items and services to facilitate the creation of a true-cost budget
  • Please don't forget to mark email "High Importance"
  • Upon receipt, the CRAO team will triage and respond to the request.

For questions regarding this migration, contact MBECT-Sunset@umich.edu.