Manage Research Programs Through Data Analytics

May 19, 2020

As researchers manage individual programs, the Grant Services & Analysis (GS&A) team recommends viewing internal research data resources. For the general health of the Medical School, view the Medical School State of Research, which provides high-level metrics of financial performance and research output for the University of Michigan Medical School. Operational metrics from the Office of Research service units are also included in this report. With the impacts of the research ramp-down, metrics through March 31 may not be indicative of your current funding or financial position. At the end of Q3, the school demonstrated strong positions in research expenditures, space metrics, and NIH awards. Q4 and into FY21 may show a change in direction as researchers return to the labs and recover from this experience.

Entering FY21, GS&A encourages making use of M-DASH and M-STAT for metrics at the individual department levels that are updated monthly or weekly:

  • M-DASH: High-level information on all aspects of research submissions, awards, and expenditures for the school and individual units. Also included are pages displaying National Institutes of Health (NIH) benchmarking data for the school. Charts provide visual trends as well as underlying data tables. This dashboard is available to Department Chairs and Clinical Department Administrators (CDAs), with others if added by their CDA. Click here for access.
  • M-STAT: Provides information on space utilization and different aspects of research financial metrics, including trend reports on submissions, awards and success rates for Medical School projects to the NIH, and all other external sponsors. Raw data reports allow users to export data or .csv for personal data organization and manipulation. Need access? Click here.

Get more information on research data analytics here.