Enhanced Processes to Acquire Biospecimens Now offered by Central Biorepository, Data Office

June 6, 2018

The Central Biorepository and the Data Office for Clinical and Translational Research are excited to announce enhanced processes to acquire biospecimens annotated with patient health information through the biorepository and self-serve tool, DataDirect.

  • Access the Central Biorepository catalog of research participants through the DataDirect self-serve tool and receive counts of biospecimens who meet your inclusion/exclusion criteria right away in cohort mode.
  • Request access to Central Biorepository biospecimens via a Use Proposal Form submitted to the Central Biorepository for Oversight Committee review.
  • Obtain IRB approval for access to biospecimen-associated, individual-level data from Data Direct, or work with the Data Office for abstracted information.
  • Biospecimens and final datasets are delivered in coded format. Access to additional medical record information is possible through the Data Office.
  • Check out the full list of procedures for access online.

Things to remember

  • Biospecimens are delivered from the Central Biorepository
  • Biospecimen-derived (e.g., genetic, survey, epidemiological, etc.) data are delivered from the Central Biorepository program that generated the data
  • Medical record data are delivered through DataDirect or Data Office
  • Coding/honest-brokering is managed by the Data Office
  • Requests for biospecimens must be approved by an oversight committee. Necessary IRB applications should be made after oversight committee approval
  • Additional biospecimens beyond those presented in DataDirect may also be available. Contact the Central Biorepository for more information

Questions? Contact Victoria Blanc, Ph.D., Director of UMMS Central Biorepository.