Dr. Kunkel Announces New Strategic Research Plan

January 27, 2020
Great Minds, Greater DiscoveriesIn a message to the biomedical research community, Steven Kunkel, Ph.D., Senior Associate Dean for Research for the Medical School and Chief Scientific Officer for Michigan Medicine, announced the Medical School’s new strategic research plan, “Great Minds, Greater Discoveries.” The multi-year plan will focus largely on people, who Dr. Kunkel notes are “our greatest resource.”

The objective of the new plan is to increase faculty competitiveness and their ability to pursue major scientific questions in a rich and diverse environment that leads to discoveries that inspire new preventions, treatments, and cures. Faculty and staff are invited to attend a launch event to learn more about the initiative:

Great Minds, Greater Discoveries Kickoff Event
Wednesday, February 19
BSRB, Kahn Auditorium
Presentation & Networking Reception

“Our ultimate goal for ‘Great Minds, Greater Discoveries’ is to work together to create transformative knowledge that advances science and improves health,” says Dr. Kunkel. “I look forward to seeing everyone at the kickoff, and our entire research enterprise collaborating in the future on this exciting new initiative.”