CTSO and OnCore Staff Showcase Accomplishments at Onsemble Conference

April 10, 2018
Photo of CTSO and OnCore staff at Onsemble ConferenceSeveral of members of the Clinical Trials Support Office and our Strategic Partners attended the 25th Annual Forte Onsemble Conference, a biannual event that brings the research community together for workshops, interactive sessions, and networking. Held in Ponte Vedra Beach, Fla., this year's Spring Onsemble Conference hosted 250 professionals representing more than 70 different organizations.
University of Michigan's Kate Huffman, Cristina Moisa, and Julie Anderson presented at the Onsemble Confrence this year covering inventive strategies for implementing OnCore and creative ways to assist OnCore end users.
Kate, Ambulatory and Chronic Disease CTSU Lead Administrator, did a joint presentation with Barbara Ann of the Karmanos Cancer Institute, on OnCore task lists in the post-award setting, how CTSU Lead Administrators use the data in the task report outside of OnCore to manage workload, and best practices the CTSU has developed around task lists.
Julie, Training Specialist Senior, shared a key initiative implemented by U-M to boost OnCore user adoption, the OnCore TUTOR (Tips, Updates & Techniques for the OnCore Researcher), a newsletter that goes out to OnCore end users with upcoming training opportunities, updates, questions received by the OnCore Team, support, and more. She discussed experiences creating the TUTOR newsletter, and shared how its implementation has helped engage OnCore users at the university. Photo of CTSO and OnCore staff at Onsemble ConferenceCristina, OnCore Project Manager, was part of a panel on resources and staffing needed to implement and support OnCore. She introduced the Clinical Trials Transformation initiative, the current administrative structure of the CTSO and the partner services, and the governance structure of the OnCore implementation before entering into the details of the implementation timeline and staffing. Cristina also highlighted the incremental growth of the OnCore Team, and the significant contributions of Subject Matter Experts and technical staff. The presentation was helpful in offering sufficient context on the U-M OnCore implementation, and in making the information interpretable and translatable to other institutions.
Teri Grieb, U-M Medical School Office of Research Chief of Staff, Research Enterprise and Senior Director for Research, and Cyndi Bower, CTSO's Operations Director, were both in attendance at the Onsemble conference.
"Kate, Julie, and Cristina did a fantastic job representing the University of Michigan at the Forte Onsemble Conference," Cyndi said.
"It was a pleasure to watch them present to other top research institutions the successful and innovative ways they have helped implement OnCore here at Michigan Medicine," Teri added.
Thank you Kate, Julie, and Cristina for being great representatives of the Clinical Trials Support Office and the OnCore Support Team at the Spring Onsemble Conference and for showcasing U-M as a leading research institute. For more information about this year's Onsemble Conference, Click Here

Pictured: Top Image, from Left - Kate Huffman, Kristen LaVasseur, Amy Oliver, Kate Hoffman (Cancer Center), Julie Anderson.
Right Image, from left - 
Cristina Moisa, Annie Geo-Thomas, Kay Wilson