Central Biorepository Recruiting Blood Donors in Fight Against COVID-19

June 1, 2020

Barcoding biosamplesThe secrets of combating COVID-19, including why it kills some and goes unnoticed in others, how it spreads, and even how to stop it once and for all, may lie deep in liquid nitrogen in the laboratory of the UMMS Central Biorepository (CBR) at the North Campus Research Complex (NCRC).

Bridge, a nonprofit online news source, recently featured the CBR and its quest for blood samples to answer questions about the virus, including its killing ability, interplay with genetics, lasting effects and how to stop it.

Currently, the unit is recruiting both donors who were sick with COVID-19, but also those who were not. As of last week, the  biorepository already has stocked 17,627 samples from more than 800 COVID-19 patients at U-M hospital and other participants, but the earliest samples are severely restricted.

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