Central Biorepository Only Accepting "Critical" Shipments

March 23, 2020

In their most recent update, the Central Biorepsotitory (CBR) announced that until further notice, they are no longer receiving regular shipments of biospecimens.  However, certain projects are operating with critical status, and the CBR has made arrangements with those teams to continue to receive shipments from them.
CBR critical staff will continue to manage all controlled temperature units. Activities include ensuring delivery of liquid nitrogen to cryogenic freezers, supply of compressed gas as backups to mechanical freezers, and local and remote monitoring of temperatures. As a reminder, all critical systems in CBR are connected to the emergency power grid at NCRC, should we experience a power failure in primary systems.

CLICK HERE to learn more about the Central Biorepository's response to COVID-19, or email cbr.requests@umich.edu with questions.