CBR Suspends DNA Isolation Services for Non-biorepository Investigators

April 6, 2021

Due to the high demand for biospecimens collected from COVID-19 patients, new biorepository onboarding projects, and increased processing requirements for our biobanking colleagues, the Central Biorepository is suspending DNA isolation services for specimens collected outside of standard biorepository processes. This change impacts researchers who have collected whole blood or saliva on their own and are seeking a partner to isolate DNA from these samples. It does not impact CBR users who collect, store, and distribute biospecimens via the CBR sharing infrastructure. Investigators whose biobanking projects include a DNA isolation step are unaffected.

“On one hand, the CBR is sorry to have to turn away researchers in need of DNA isolation services.  On the other, we are happy to be at capacity, fulfilling our biobanking mission to facilitate discovery and improve healthcare outcomes by providing high-quality, highly annotated biospecimens donated for basic, clinical, and translational research,” said Dr. Victoria Blanc, CBR Director. 

The Central Biorepository will resume accepting non-biorepository biospecimens for DNA isolation as/when the capacity for such services is restored. Questions? Contact CBR.Requests@umich.edu