Brighton Center Open for Clinical Research

March 12, 2019
Clinical researcher using the Brighton Clinic LabIn February, the Brighton Center for Specialty Care opened its doors for conducting clinical research. To aid researchers, Brighton Center provides approximately nine touchdown workstations and a Clinical Research Specimen Processing Core. This new core offers centrifuges, an incubator, microscope, and other lab resources (CLICK HERE to view a complete list of the available equipment and supplies).

All research involving investigational products that are either administered or dispensed at the Brighton Center must be managed by the Research Pharmacy, in conjunction with the pharmacy staff on site.

At this time, Research Pharmacy services will be implemented in stages, beginning with dispensing of doses from the Ann Arbor campus that are sent to the Brighton Center in a ready-to-administer or ready-to-dispense form. Oral investigational products and prepared IVs are both acceptable. As new services are added, more information will be shared.

Two researchers using the Brighton Clinic touchdown space

The general criteria for studies that are eligible for inclusion in the first stage of implementation can be found in the Quick Reference Guide on the Brighton Center internal website. Please note that specific clinical trials must be assessed individually by the Research Pharmacy to assure that they are suitable for activation BEFORE any patients are scheduled for treatment or to receive investigational products at the Brighton Center.

To begin a Research Project at the Brighton Center, visit the clinic’s internal website and select “Submit a BCSC Clinical Trial Intake Form” in the right-side navigation, complete and submit the form. Once the Brighton team receives your intake form, they will review your information for feasibility. If your study meets all criteria, you will be contacted regarding next steps.

To learn more about doing clinical research at the Brighton Center, click here, or contact