Available Data Services for Research, EMERSE Patient Lists at Data Office

February 26, 2019
consultationThe Data Office aims to accelerate research by enabling secure access to patient data through investigator-friendly self-serve tools and custom data extracts. In the latest quarterly E-Newsletter, the team delves into more information about available data for research and the functionalities of the self-serve tool, EMERSE!

Available Data for Research

The pain scale, often called "the fifth vital," is an important data element frequently requested by researchers. It is documented in a collection of different templates in MiChart, based on unit, patient's age, and conditions. When you request pain scale data, the Data Office will identify the pain scale used based on your cohort and convert to the 0-10 scale when necessary. Check out the conversion map.
Questions about pain scale data or a custom data request? Contact Arina Bierdz at abierdz@med.umich.edu.

Self-Serve Tools

And did you know that EMERSE, a self-tool for text search, supports lists up to 100,000 patients with no limits on the number of lists you can create? Lists can be created from a search within EMERSE, sent directly from DataDirect, or simply by pasting in a column of medical record numbers from an Excel spreadsheet. Patients in the list can be labeled with comments and tags as you review their documentation, and the lists can be exported back to a password-protected Excel file along with the comments/tags.
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