Announcing New Central Biorepository Recharges Rates

December 15, 2021

The Central Biorepository (CBR) has implemented new recharge rates effective as of December 15, 2021. A summary of the new rates is available on the CBR website

Changes to the new rate structure:

  • Kit Types. We are very excited to share with you that we have increased the number of Kit Types from 7 to 29, with smaller increments of cost between them. This will allow more discrete assignment of Kit Type to existing kits and flexibility in assignments of newly designed kits as your research needs change. We have assessed the costs of your existing kits and assigned them to the appropriate category. You do not have to calculate this change yourselves, nor do you need to change how you order your kits once the new rates go into effect.
  • Distribution Costs. Costs for distribution management are variable based on the complexity of the request, the source of materials (e.g., one primary study or several), and the number of samples requested. Therefore, we have changed the cost reimbursement structure from a flat fee to an hourly rate to account for this variability.