Activities for Research Staff during the Assignment to Remote Work

March 24, 2020

Many faculty and staff have expressed concern over the identification of productive remote work during the ramp down of research labs, clinical studies, and the displacement of employees from campus.   The Medical School Office of Research and Associate Chairs for Research have compiled a list of activities that investigators may consider completing or deploying to staff that are in remote work situations. Completing any of these activities could be done without use of the established COVID emergency bank.

CLICK HERE for the full list.

We have bolded categories of potential project-specific activities that may be completed and allow the effort to continue to be charged to the project grant as active engagement on the sponsored project.  Those not in bold are activities that actively engaging the employee, but may need effort adjustments to reflect department activity assignment.  In general, if the work would be completed in furtherance of the aims of the project, it is allowed to be charged to the sponsored project.   If the activity is too generalized to be beneficial on a specific project, it should be charged to the department accounts.

Please work with your department on accurate effort reflection in the HR systems and questions may be directed to