Medical School COVID-19 Research Operations

Current StatusDuring the COVID-19 pandemic, the Medical School research reactivation process is conforming with the U-M Research Re-Engagement Guidelines developed by central campus, while at the same time recognizing the unique needs and circumstances of research at the Medical School.

Research has been returning to full capacity over several phases, with restrictions lifted in each subsequent phase, as informed by outcomes and public health guidelines.

Designated Building Screening Entrances for Research

All research personnel approved to return to on-campus research, or those who have been designated as essential research personnel, must enter through designated lobbies.  Daily health screening will be required before you can enter the building. For maps showing designated building entrances, as well as more details in our research reactivation overview, CLICK HERE.

Wet Lab Reactivation

Working with department leadership, the Medical School has taken into consideration the number of personnel allowed building access along with the laboratory square footage and social distancing directives, building density, supply chain, and operational logistics to determine the approved maximum occupancy per laboratory room. Reactivation decisions have been consistent with all current State of Michigan orders and U-M guidelines. CLICK HERE for the reactivation overview including details about building access, Cores, Facilities, and more.

CLICK HERE to view a Wet Lab Density spreadsheet that outlines, by PI, how many personnel are allowed in each lab during each phase of the governor’s plan. PIs with labs reactivating have been required to do the following:

Faculty who need to alter their personnel access list, whether because of new additions or increased personnel for shifts, should CLICK HERE to submit a new name for access.

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Human Research Reactivation

For safety and feasibility, human research is reactivating in four Activation Tiers - Tier 0, Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3. Activation Tiers for human research studies can be determined by referring to the Human Research Activation Tier Framework and Human Research Activation Tier Flowchart.

IMPORTANT NOTE: A subset of Tier 2 human research studies (Tier 2 that are observational) have been required to pause by Friday, November 20, 2020. Please CLICK HERE for more details about the requirements of this pause.

All human research work that can be done remotely should continue in that manner.

CLICK HERE for complete information and links regarding Human Research Reactivation from the Clinical Trials Support Office, and visit the UMOR Research Re-engagement website for the latest updates on the following:

Any study that was paused during the research ramp down, including exempt research, and is seeking to initiate face-to-face interactions with participants, return to U-M facilities, or a return to contact among staff members in any setting must complete the Human Research Activation Procedures found on the UMOR Research Re-engagement website.

Studies that were permitted to continue during the research pause must also complete the Human Research Activation Procedures in a timely fashion to confirm compliance in order to continue.

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Safety & Compliance

Progress through the first waves of research reactivation has been successful thanks in large part to our shared commitment to the reengagement safety guidelines outlined by the governor’s office and UMOR. As a reminder, these guidelines include:

  • Complete the U-M health screening each day before entering your facility
  • Wear a mask
  • Maintain safe social distancing, with at least 6 feet between colleagues
  • Minimize shared items, and disinfect/clean those that must be shared
  • Maintain a daily lab cleaning log, and clean at the beginning and end of each shift

Please review the Environment Health and Safety COVID-19 webpage for more specifics. If you have questions or concerns regarding COVID-19 safety guidelines, speak with your supervisor or another member of your local management. Reports of noncompliance may also be made by emailing, contacting the U-M Compliance Hotline, or by calling 1-866-990-0111. Personnel who do not comply with safety guidelines will be reported to their department leadership.

FAQs for Research Reactivation During COVID-19

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