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The Office of Research at the University of Michigan Medical School is constantly striving to enhance the research enterprise, including maintaining an investigator-focused infrastructure, facilitating and diversifying investigators' avenues for funding, and streamlining research processes.

From the enabling technologies of the Biomedical Research Core Facilities to proposal review by Grant Services & Analysis to clinical study development by the Michigan Institute for Clinical & Health Research, the Office of Research comprises over a dozen units offering a wide range of support to the research community.  Across the spectrum, our team's primary mission is to foster an environment of innovation and efficiency that serves the Medical School research community and, ultimately, contributes to positive patient impact.


At $1.55 billion, the University of Michigan is the #1 public university in research spending in the United States, and the Medical School is responsible for nearly half of those research expenditures. We are a significant research and economic engine in the region, and this year U.S. News & World Report ranked our hospitals #5 in the nation.

With 10,000+ faculty, students, and staff studying almost 3,000 scientific projects, it's impossible to tell you about all the breakthroughs taking place every day at the University of Michigan Medical School. We invite you to take a closer look at the following metrics and stories which offer a brief sampling of a year in research among the "leaders and best," developing new treatments and technologies that are on a path to positively impacting patients and their families.

View the 2018 Research Annual Report.

Our Leadership

Steven L. Kunkel, Ph.D.Steven L. Kunkel, Ph.D.

As Chief Scientific Officer and Executive Vice Dean for Research, Steven L. Kunkel, Ph.D., provides direction for the school’s research mission, including setting goals for developing a major global presence for the Medical School’s research enterprise. Dr. Kunkel is the Endowed Professor in Pathology Research and co-director of general pathology in the Department of Pathology at the Medical School. He received his Ph.D. from the University of Kansas in microbiology and served his postdoctoral fellowship at the University of Connecticut Health Center. He joined the University of Michigan Medical School faculty in 1980. Dr. Kunkel’s areas of research have centered on assessing molecular mechanisms of lung inflammation by investigating cytokine and chemokine directed cell-to-cell communication circuits... (more)

Sachin KheterpalSachin Kheterpal, M.D., M.B.A.

Kheterpal is responsible for establishing the vision and strategy to effectively use information technology (IT) to advance the research mission. Working closely with Health Information Technology and Services, the Michigan Institute for Clinical & Health Research (MICHR), departmental leadership, and other research and informatics teams across the Medical School, he sets research IT priorities to help ensure our competitive positioning for the future. To that end, he will coordinate centralized research IT efforts with departmental points of distributed innovation and champion the use of IT to differentiate Michigan Medicine in securing extramural funding, establishing industry partnerships, and attracting and retaining top faculty, staff and students... (more)

Samuel M. Silver, M.D., Ph.D.Samuel M. Silver, M.D., Ph.D.

Dr. Silver, a professor of Internal Medicine at the University of Michigan Medical School, specializes in malignant and benign hematology, and is a former director of the University of Michigan Cancer Center Network. He has been a member of the faculty since 1986 and in April 2008 he was appointed Assistant Dean for Research. Dr. Silver received his medical degree from Cornell University Medical College and his Ph.D. from Rockefeller University. He completed his residency at the University of California-San Francisco and was a fellow in hematology and oncology at the University of Pennsylvania. As medical director of U-M Health System’s Adult Bone Marrow Transplantation Program from 1990 to 1997, Dr. Silver grew the program into one of the country’s largest transplant sites... (more)

George A. Mashour, M.D., Ph.D.George A. Mashour, M.D., Ph.D.

George A. Mashour, M.D, Ph.D., was appointed associate dean for clinical and translational research and director of the Michigan Institute for Clinical & Health Research (MICHR) in October 2015. He also serves as executive director of translational research in the Office of Research. The Bert N. La Du Professor of Anesthesiology Research in the Medical School, he holds additional faculty appointments in the Department of Neurosurgery and the Neuroscience Graduate Program. In his capacity as associate dean, Dr. Mashour guides the translational research efforts of the Medical School in close partnership with the senior associate dean for research and other departments to enhance the quality and quantity of externally sponsored research... (more)

Anna Lok, M.D.Anna Lok, M.D.

Anna Suk-Fong Lok, MD, is the Alice Lohrman Andrews Research Professor in Hepatology in the Department of Internal Medicine, at Michigan Medicine in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Dr. Lok is also Director of Clinical Hepatology and Assistant Dean for Clinical Research in the University of Michigan Medical School. Dr. Lok obtained her medical degree from the University of Hong Kong and her hepatology training under the late Dame Sheila Sherlock at the Royal Free Hospital in London, UK. She was on the faculty at the University of Hong Kong until she moved to the United States in 1992. Dr. Lok's research focuses on the natural history and treatment of hepatitis B and C, and the prevention of liver cancer... (more)

Teri A. Grieb, Ph.D.Teri A. Grieb, Ph.D.

Teri Grieb, Ph.D., is the Senior Director for Research at the University of Michigan Medical School. In this role, she partners with Michigan Medicine’s Chief Scientific Officer in advocacy for the research mission. As the chief business and administrative officer for the research mission, Dr. Grieb is responsible for the operational and fiscal management of the Medical School Office of Research and its reporting units. She assists with developing and implementing strategic initiatives; leading enterprise change management; fostering collaborations with the research community across the university; and... (more)